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Friday, April 30, 2004

Hmm...I won't let that last "comeback" stand....

Your FACTS are not perfectly sound. I will admit that the first two are true. However they are trivial errors which society is currently in the midist of altering. Within in a fair amount of time women will recieve equal pay and eventually leadership of the nation. It is inevitable. Also, if such FACTS said anything of value about the worth and abilities of the female gender than consider this as well: The same conditions apply to most minorities. Are you to say that African Americans, or Hispanics for example are not equivalent to white americans since salaries may be lower and there are no such presidents?

To address the third "fact" that is not entirely accurate. There is strong evidence to support the fact that woman can be not only competitive to men, but surpass then them in extreme endurance sports. For example races of over 100miles have been known to have female winners. It is believed that this is because women have a stronger ability to withstand pain, and greater endurance because of it. Women are also equally competitive in sports such as rock climbing. There are instances wehre women whom are shorter than men have been known to win climbing competitions easily over male competitors.

Now addressing your personal speculations.

1. Women can indeed make up their minds. If it takes longer it is only because a more complicated pathway is used. This is because women are gifted with a mind capable of processing more than one thing at a time unlike their male counterparts who are stuck processing minute facts in turn.

2. I can not pinpoint any stubborn females either in history or in current times. However I do know that women can be are very persistant and strongwilled...especially the feminist. That is why they are able to achieve great things against all odds.

3. "Cute" is a word used to describe three year olds. Also, one's hair color says nothing about their intelligence.

posted by Marianna Friday, April 30, 2004

Hmmm....I agree with your seems like a waste of space to continue arguing here.

On a different note:

It shines the darkness from the night
with erie glow it's but soft light.
Round at times but thin as well,
it causes tides of sea to swell.
At times it sets the world a world a fire,
allowing the crazed to conspire.
It's glow might make the night seem clear
but also through sleep far from near.

Le it shine for all to see.
All gleem and shimmer let it be!

Can you guess an what "it" is?

posted by Marianna Friday, April 30, 2004

Ok, let me mention some FACTS, unlike the speculation just presented.

1. The average salary of a male is larger than that of a female.
2. There has been no US female president nor vice president.
3. Males are superior in athletic abilities.

Speculations of my own:
1. Women are very fickle and cannot make up their mind.
2. Women are very stubborn, especially those feminists that think they are superior.
3. Despite all this, I still become very attached to these feminists, especially the ditzy blonde ones. What can I say, they are so cute!

I know my comeback was not as complicated and scientific as yours, but I certainly know this one bothered you as much as yours bothered me. That's all that counts, right?
posted by Sigmund Friday, April 30, 2004

Thursday, April 29, 2004

First to Clarify one thing....

Being an engineer gives one few if any advantages... disadvantages perhaps.

Engineers suffer from a condition known as T.T.C.F.A.B.R.C. (Think they can fix anything but really can't). Unfortunately this affects the male gender more heavily than the female gender. The exact cause for this disease is unknown. It is thought to be initated by a small retrovirus known as Egoinflatingmovirus. This virus is known to attack a small gene on the x chromosome that traditionally functions in commen sense pathways. This particular gene is interesting in that unlike many genes of the x chromosome, it is not subject to the effects of x-inactivation. This leads to an increase in the commen sense pathway in females. Furthermore the damaged gene in males leads to complete misfunction of the pathway. This leads to an overinflated sense of ability. Exactly why this condition affects engineers more readily than scientist is unknown. Further research is currently underway to detect actual causes. However research is slow do to a shortage of volunteers for study. This is a consequence of one of the diseases major symptoms....obliviousness and denial of syptoms. Unfortunately there is no known cure...however educating the public of the decision is a top priority amongst scientist. Perhaps in time the public will realize and come to understand the complex nature and feel pity toward those affected by the disease.
posted by Marianna Thursday, April 29, 2004

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Wait a second, what am I doing here? I am the engineer, so I clearly have an advantage over other "non-engineers" if you will. I shall just create some type of program that posts to this site whenever another person posts to it.

Now, how do you use C++ again?
posted by Sigmund Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Hmm...a few post ago I described running as a stuggle between mind and body...Here's a coninuation of those thoughts:

The morning run

Slumber hold both the legs and mind
Dreams captivate the imagination
An alarm rings and groans come from both
The sun still sleeps
the moon still reigns
First it is the mind jarred awake
angry is it at the clock
then groans the legs and arms alike
Why so early to rise?
Then legs and mind together urge
and the body leaps from bed
Shoes are tied and hair pulled back
The morning is begun
A chill welcomes even in the heat of summer,
Sun's absence as chilly fingers
The mind breaths briefly in awe
The body begins its rythmn.
Quickly the body feels the rest of night
Soreness and stifness capitivate
The mind dominates and the pain disapates.
Yet all too soon the day feels too young
the mind goes back to dreams
In the end it may forget the run
but the body pulses on.
posted by Marianna Tuesday, April 27, 2004

Monday, April 26, 2004

It seems as though this blog as become only ours,
Just as a garden may contain only flowers.
And just as the night, the sun devours,
So will I succeed and endure, not cower.

Any day now, will my joy forever return.
And despite all this waiting, I will soon earn
All that I deserve, or at least what I discern
As worthwhile, while it is still my concern.

This poem may have meaning it may not,
But the overall goal was simply to spot
That which is on my mind quite a lot.
Can you guess? I will say "cold or hot"
posted by Sigmund Monday, April 26, 2004


Neither sucess nor failure
Impossible to mute
Replaces the bodies actions
Active in rest
Strong and weak
Keen and distant
Intersested and wandering
Near and Far
Everwhere and nowhere
Bright and Dull
Flamboyant and gentle
Radical and Clam
Social and intervert
Private and public....mostly private
Unique and influenced

Only you.........
posted by Marianna Monday, April 26, 2004

Sunday, April 25, 2004


Somehow it is not a race of pulse or sweat
Body heat and muscle pains describe it not.
Though steps might force distance pass,
and breath allows the heart to quicken,
the pace is not the key,
nor the distance the goal.

What's left is only you.
The others make no difference,
no one cares more than yourself.
For finishing is not winning
stength is not measured in weights
sucess is not measured in improvement.

The run is but a game
a mind vs the body challage
if one wins than the run is fruitless
when the mind is bored the body pulses
when the body claims it can't continue....
the mind urges on...demands it
the body has a choice but it obeys
defiance only means defeat,
yet the body won't lose
the end comes and the mind wishes to quit
nothing is left to ponder but the body's pain
yet the body has worked to hard to die
onward it pulses and takes with it the mind
Determination grows anew
the battle is made fresh and the run has just begun.
posted by Marianna Sunday, April 25, 2004

A chance to be random....

Any guess on what this set of letters stands for:



Well I have obviously sepent far too much studying microbiology for this next exam.....if that serves as a hint....


The six most common classes of algae!

Want another?



The four types of sexual reproduction in protozoa.

How about ZABD?


The four phylum of terrestial fungi.

Okay that is enough for now....I am truly bored to be using valuable web log space up as study space.
posted by Marianna Sunday, April 25, 2004

Very nicely put.

Now, about that last line...
posted by Sigmund Sunday, April 25, 2004

Tuesday, April 20, 2004


The greatest tear of life spill from joy
Strength is only truly realized in times of despair
Home is despised when close but longed for when far
Death is the beginning of eternal life
Study is despised and craved at once
Stress leads way to success
Faith is not about holding on but letting go
Even the moon relies on the sun
War can never bring reconcilliation
Love grows stronger with distance

posted by Marianna Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Tuesday, April 06, 2004

No time for a poetry reading...class in 15 minutes. However, I will add here that the blog continues, and whose success is granted with each post made to this blog? I believe it was me who initially contradicted one's notion of posting the ultimate post on this site. Now we are boasting its continuation? Ahhhh...the irony.
posted by Sigmund Tuesday, April 06, 2004

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