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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Perhaps it is time to further ensure that this blog does not loose all vitality. A mentioned in previous post I intend to prevent form entering into a cycle of rapid decay, or in fact any sort of decay.

The last two post dealt with lack of writting oreinted courses in Fall 2003. Gratefully this semester will be quite the opposite in nature. I am greatly looking forward to the challange of writting a 30 page paper for HP201 as well practicing writting essays for the MCAT. In HP201 the five books to be read seem enlightening and will likely lead to the incubation of novel thoughts and ideas. Perhaps the very strength of my blog entries will grow with the requirement of indepth thinking and writing. This actually a goal of this semester: to write more frequent and thought provoking blog entries. Somehow last semester I vereed away from doing such, which I greatly regret.

Well tis time for song and praise...


posted by Marianna Sunday, January 09, 2005

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